Student portfolio sites

The following are a list of links and basic ideas that I used for a second year creative technology students at UWE (Web Design, Digital Media, Games Tech, Music Tech).

Things a portfolio needs to contain

  • Passion
  • Excitement
  • Interest in what you do
  • Side projects


  • Tagline (one quick line about what you do)
  • Show what things/services/offering can do
  • Some personal stuff
  • Contact details
  • Call to action (hire me)
  • The portfolio itself- examples of work with clear descriptions of what you personally did. Appropriate images help.

Smashing magazine inspiration

UWE Web Design students

From 2010 Graduates

Games Tech
Lists of completed games for the experienced. Otherwise go to town on what you have created. 

Game designer portfolios

How to do it

Educating Creative Technologists at Shepton Mallet

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of talking at the Shepton Mallet Digital Arts festival. I’ve uploaded the slides for the sake of just getting them live. I’ll have to get back around to writing it up, but that might not happen now for a couple of weeks.

Though in place of having to write it up, I’m more than happy to visit anyone and rant on about teaching creative technology.

View more presentations from Dan Dixon.

Prezi, chance and skill

Prezi is now much more based on skill than chance. I’ve just started using it again, and I have to say that it is much better and easier to use than it used to be. They’ve just fixed a few of the little niggles that I had last time I was using it. Last time I gave it a go was October, last year, and it was still a bit ropey, but I think it has probably just reached the point where I would happily cut over and use it instead of keynote for many things. Keynote is still quicker, and integrates better with the desktop, but Prezi suits where I’m coming from for teaching.

The Prezi I built for a lecture on chance and skill in game design.

The other great thing is that they offer a free, educational tier in their pricing model. Though four, purely text based, prezis take up nearly 10% of by 500Mb. So if I start bunging images in (something I want to do) I wont get very far.